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So if you are a young author looking for an opportunity to fulfill your ideas and realize your potential, so writers competition is a good way to make it real! Here young Twains and Poes will present their ideas, their stories and they will even have a possibility to win young authors award. Thus Columbia College Chicago young authors writing competition opens its doors and welcomes you.

What this writing competition is about?

“So what profit will I get while attending writing competitions for students?” – you will probably ask. Student writing competitions can be useful and profitable for each of us, no matter how old we are. But we give an opportunity to exchange young minds’ ideas for young thriving guy. While participating in writers competition young authors say “no” to fears, they say “yes” to self-confidence and self-consciousness. Competition for writers make the participants different people, because they lose their fears, dig deeper in the thoughts, they listen and hear. Here an intangible rule reins: “Unity and Continuity”.

Benefits for young writers

While taking part in a young authors contest, besides self-development you may also gain noticeable benefits. For instance, we encourage young prodigies and it is one of the free writing contests with cash prizes. If you are a high-motivated, resourceful intrepid young author you will win the writing prize against the odds, which will you stimulate you for the better future. Moreover, after attending writers and artists short story competition you may be noticed by gifted experienced writers, which may give you an opportunity to be published; or you may be noticed by HRs and high-powered companies which may provide you with the best job in the world. Also here you may find books of the best young authors, get an answer to a disturbing question, you may get acquainted with past winners, imbibe their experience or even become fine fellows. Try something extraordinary, open your mind and broaden your horizons by participating in new writers competition in Chicago. Columbia College Chicago (Illinois) is a beautiful and peaceful place, where you will easily concentrate. After or before the contest you will have an opportunity to take a stroll across the Chicago streets and it will brighten up your leisure time here, so nervousness will fade away and inspiration will catch you. By this means you your advertency and nouns will be improved. What’s more, young authors are free to present the works in different genres such as fiction, creative nonfiction and poetry.

Past winners of young authors writing competition

Past winners of young authors writing competition reached success and luck by attending Columbia College Chicago contest. Talin Tahajian, Christina Qui and Charlotte Lee have stepped on the path of prosperity in writing and journalism. They became more mature after taking part in writing competitions for high school students. They made a great effort and it was one the most significant investments in their lives. They won their first fortune and it was a sheer beauty to see how professionals were born and as a result thriving.
One of the most important part of success of young authors was the working but friendly atmosphere created by staff of Columbia College Chicago and by fair judges (Tony Trigilio, Nami Mun and Garnett Kilberg Cohen).

Join our community and see how wonderful the world of writing is!

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