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Who doesn’t want to become the winner in a short story contest? Attendance in the novel writing contests can be really profitable in case you know the receptions of the trade.
Here are a few simple tips for avoiding common errors in fiction writing contests.

Tips for winning a writing competition

Tip 1. Choose the contest

Most competitions and, of course, the fiction writing contests are associated with publishing media, so it is good idea to read previous published texts of papers and journals, to choose the most suitable style of writing.

Tip 2. Look up to the judges

Novel writing contests have their judges who choose the winners regularly each year. Many of these judges are writers also. Find out the artworks they produced, and some writers they prefer. Learn what they prefer and what style they use in writing. This is applicable to the temporary judges.

Tip 3. Do not attempt to write in the pattern

Do not sweat if the stories you are writing to submit to the short story contest, not look like to the history of the past winners. Judges prefer something of usual and expected style and mood, however your story must be somehow innovative. You need not to rewrite the text and keep repeating it every year.

Tip 4. Read the rules carefully

In all competitions for young authors there are rules for adoption stories. And young authors should follow these rules. These rules will give you some representation about acceptable styles, as well as about word count in the story, and also about the format it should be presented.

Tip 5. Explore the story that you are writing

Whatever the text you decided to write, you have to elaborate the subject of your story. To fulfill this work, you need to read through a lot of stories. Read the texts of writers that you prefer and those you do not like at all. Read many novels and storybooks. Make a choice between varieties of genres of different writers. All mentioned actions will help you go up to become a winner in writing contest.

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